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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel and Tourism Management

Today the Travel and Tourism industry is recognized as the largest industry in growing . Travel and tourism have got much importance to develop their guiding career and now gradually this field is becoming more demanding and prestigious. From this subject students can learn about the wider ethical, social and cultural dimensions of different countries.

About course
The subject teaches how to be more creative and how to apply their knowledge in traveling field. The course incorporates travel industry principles, hands-on training and the general business skills required in the management of travel tourism. He or she can do this subject as online as well as campus.

Job opportunities
The travel and tourism industry is vast and varied. There are many different sectors providing services to all kinds of customers. But normally a travel and tourism certificate holder gets job in certain sectors such as : tour guide, retail manager, hotel manager, tourism information center manager, conference administrator and many others.

Pay scale
Pay scale vary as per their post and their experience but the basic pay on an average is $48,000 (p.m.) approx.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Engineering as subject

Particularly the word engineering is wrap around with science and it is practical application for science and math’s to solve the problem. Today in this technological and modern life engineering makes life easy. Apparently Engineer’s make things work more creatively, efficiently, and less expensively.

About courses
Engineering course is very high and demandable course for every student. In this category student can enter the world of science and technology. In U.S. one engineering degree holder gets awesome welcome. Many student are choosing this subject as their career . Over more than 400 universities has this subject as an academic degree course. Mainly engineering has different categories such as Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, and Chemical engineering , Computer hardware engineering, Aerospace engineers, Agriculture engineers, Biomedical engineers, Environmental engineers, and many more by this categories student can have their degree in any of them in their selected field. There is an opportunity for online as well as campus facility for study.

Job opportunities
There is no explanation needed for getting jobs prospects in the field of engineering. A student who holds the degree for engineering has widest and matured scope for getting jobs . They can get jobs different government and non-government organization, and other small and big Technological hubs.

Pay scale
Depending on in which field they are working there are different pay scale for every engineering. It is difficult to discuss the particular pay scale for engineer but on an average $30K, $30K-$50K, $50K-$80K, $80K-$100K, or more than $100K.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Career in Automative/Automobile Engineering

Automobile or automotive engineering basically deals with how to manufacture and design automobile parts of buses, trucks, scooter, bike, car etc. Subject denotes how to design and develop perfect vehicles from beginning to end. After launching one vehicle the main job for automobile engineer is to check for its maintenance and improve their productivity for the customer.

About the Course
Every day new design and upgrade version of vehicles are launched in the market the whole credits go to all automobile engineers. It is for them we get to use these sophisticated innovative products. Automobile engineering is in great demand in U.S. as well as each and every corner of the world. Students who take up this subject/field, they are rewarded high acknowledgement in the field of Auto engineering.
As a Career
In U.S. Almost each and every university has this subject. Automobile Engineering uses the features of different elements of Engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. Students who are very much interested in vehicles or wants make their career as engineers in this filed they choose this subject as an academic degree. So there is no doubt that the Automotive Engineering is one of the most challenging careers in the field of engineering
Job Opportunities
This industry is growing rapidly so the expectations of job opportunities are becoming high. Students those who have a degree with automotive engineer can get job in many small or big companies as a engineer in specific division. One can also start a self-employment by running their own business. Ultimately there is a huge option for technically minded Automobile Engineers.

Pay scale
An automotive engineer gets his remuneration by their experience and mode of work, but generally automotive engineer get average pay $52,690 - $86,003 approx (p.a.)
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