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Monday, November 14, 2011

Master Degree in Advertising and Public Relation

A major advantage can be gained through the concrete education in the field of advertising and public relation. Advertising and public relations master degree programs furnish a student with the theoretical and analytical resources to work as a professional in the industry. Masters degree in this subject can lead a student’s career to a high rise with an aim to create future managers and executives in this field. Advertising and public relation masters degree can provide a student a good vocation with a blooming future ahead. Graduate programs in advertising and PR generally need no educational requirements beyond a bachelor's degree and after ending the complete process of master degree program, the student bags a typical award of masters of arts. There are research-based programs and professional training programs, and the student can often choose a thesis based program or the practical one. This program gives students entry to global corporations, leading edge firms, and vibrant organizations.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you might need a master's degree in advertising and public relations if you want to become an account executive or account manager ( The BLS also reported that jobs in advertising and public relations are competitive, and that experience is important to advance in your career. Graduates of a master's in public relations are professionals possessing essential public relation skills and the ability to think strategically. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( reported that the average salary for public relations professionals in May 2009 was nearly $52,000. The number of PR jobs was expected to drastically increase between 2008 and 2018. Throughout the course of the Master Degree Program in advertising and PR management, you should learn how to communicate and orchestrate business goals, how to build relationships with clients, and how to deal with the media, both for advertising and crisis management reasons. You will hone your skills in the areas of advising, communication and media etc.
The following is a list of possible careers typically pursued with a degree in Public Relations and there average annual salary as supplied by the U.S. Department of Labor, 
Public Relations Specialist: $43,800 
Public Relations Recruiter: $67,400 
Advertiser: $50,400 
Human Research Manager: $81,800
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Career on Pharmacy in usa

Pharmacists are health professionals who practices in pharmacy, the field of health science focusing on safe and effective medicine use. Pharmacists dispense prescription medication to patients and provide drugs information.
Traditionally a qualification in Pharmacy was associated with a lifetime career as alchemist. Knowledge and training in Pharmaceutics offers a wide array of career options to the students. The programme is no longer confined to the laboratories or classrooms and goes beyond the curriculum. The career options after the programme are also immense.

To become a licensed pharmacist, you must meet the requirements of the state or jurisdiction in which you are seeking licensure. In most states, some examinations and other qualifications are prerequisites for licensure. You must contact the board of pharmacy of the state in which you wish to practice for their specific licensure requirements.

The North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) is required in all U.S. jurisdictions except California, which administers its own examination. NAPLEX, which is developed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), is a computer-adaptive test that assesses the candidate's ability to apply knowledge gained in pharmacy school to practice situations.
The NAPLEX is a four-hour and fifteen-minute examination that consists of 185 five-option multiple-choice test questions. A majority of the questions on the NAPLEX are asked in a scenario-based format (i.e., patient profiles with accompanying test questions).

Most states require a drug law examination as a condition of licensure. The Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE) is currently administered in many states and is based on a nationally uniform content blueprint, with questions that are tailored to assess the pharmacy jurisprudence requirements of individual states.
In cooperation with participating state boards of pharmacy, the MPJE is uniformly developed, administered, and scored under policies and procedures developed by NABP's Advisory Committee on Examinations and approved by NABP's Executive Committee.

Practice Examinations
Some states require candidates for licensure to pass a laboratory or practice examination to ensure that candidates can accurately and safely prepare and dispense medications.

All state boards of pharmacy require candidates to complete an internship or externship before licensure. Such practice experience usually consists of 1,500 hours of experience that are gained during pharmacy school (beginning after the first year of training). Some states require that internship hours be gained solely after graduation from pharmacy school and before licensure. The internship process is subject to state board of pharmacy regulations. Each intern, internship site, and preceptor must register with the state board of pharmacy to have the hours counted toward licensure.

FPGEC Certification
NABP provides the FPGEC Certification program as a means of documenting the educational equivalency of a candidate's foreign pharmacy education, as well as the license and/or registration. In the process of FPGEC Certification, candidates provide documents that verify their educational backgrounds and licensure and/or registration.
The pharmacy program that each candidate completed must have been at least a four-year curriculum at the time of graduation. Beginning January 1, 2003, foreign-educated pharmacists will be required to have earned their professional degree from a five-year curriculum program in order to apply for FPGEC Certification. The program change affects only those foreign-educated pharmacists who have earned a pharmacy degree after January 1, 2003. These pharmacists must have graduated from a five-year degree program. The new curriculum requirements do not apply to foreign-educated pharmacists who have earned a four-year degree prior to January 1, 2003. These individuals will remain eligible for the FPGEC Certification under the current program requirements.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Aerospace engineering as a subject


In this fascinating world everyone has desire to fly their ambition high and when Aerospace engineering comes for a primary subject then it’s almost like touch to heaven. Yes, this is one of the subjects which can make you to fly on space. Aerospace engineering deals with the design, construction, and application of the science behind the forces and physical properties of aircraft, rockets, flying craft, and spacecraft. In general aerospace engineering diverse in two specific parts i.e., aeronautical engineering and astronautically engineering. Thus the aerospace industry has applications in a wide range of areas ranging from commercial to military.

Importance of Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineering is generally linked to aircraft. It also deals with spacecrafts and airborne weapons technologies, and the technical aspects of each of these. It is distinct branch of science, whereas at present situation aerospace engineer mainly develop technologies for use in civilian transportation, defense systems and space exploration. Also the major thing is that to maintain this aircraft there is wide range of engineers required frequently so to fill up this requirement aerospace engineer’s subject has vital role to play.

Why to study

Studying for an Aerospace Engineering degree can be your VISA to a successful and rewarding career within the aerospace industry. As we discuss earlier on introduction that those who have admire to seek higher ambition and as well as intimacy in aviation field only they can choose to study this subject. Today almost all universities and colleges in U.S. have this subject as a career oriented.

Future and Job Placement

Aerospace Engineering future is very bright. There is a huge number of possibilities and jobs available in the aerospace industry and aviation industry for aerospace engineers and great room for personal growth and development and the demand for aerospace engineers are likely to remain so as there is a boom in world travel, aviation and aircraft industries. Many government, defense and space agencies are also on the lookout for aeronautical engineers to develop the future of flying vehicles and systems.

Pay scale for Aeronautical Engineers

In the United States of America a fresh aerospace engineering graduate can get a pay rate of $50000-$60000 per year. A person with 1-4 years experience can get a pay scale of $55000-$68000 per year. A person who has 5-9 years experience can get a pay scale of $61000-$82000 per year. A person with 10-19 years of experience can get a salary of between $75000 and $112000 per year. A person with more than 20 years of experience in the field of aerospace engineering can get a pay scale of $78000-$121800.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Computer hardware Engineer


Computer Hardware Engineers are mainly involved in profession of design, develop, test and installation computer peripherals & hardware. Such as like chips, motherboard, circuit, modems, SMPS, processor, keyboard, printers etc. specially the fastest advance in computers are mainly due to them. Computer hardware engineers are much like electronics engineers, but work only with computers. So to know more here we discuss in details.

Their Tasks

 Analyze information to determine, recommend, and plan layout, including type of computers
and peripheral equipment modifications.

 Analyze user needs and recommend appropriate hardware.

 Build, test and modify product prototypes, using working models or theoretical models
Constructed using computer simulation.

 Confer with engineering staff and consult specifications to evaluate interface between
hardware and software and operational and performance requirements of overall system.

 Design and develop computer hardware and support peripherals, including central processing
units (CPUs), support logic, microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, printers, and disk

 Monitor functioning of equipment and make necessary modifications to ensure system
operates in conformance with specifications.

 Programming - Writing computer programs for various purposes.

 Troubleshooting - Determining causes of operating errors and deciding what to do about it.

About this Subject

Today in this digital world computer has the main role to do all sorts of jobs in each and every corner of the world . The computer has now become like life without water, so to maintain and develop they are vital for every moment so their requirement is rapidly increasing day by day. In U.S, today almost all Colleges, Universities and Institutions are giving special lesson to become hardware engineer also this has become one of the major academic subject. Many students are now appreciating this course as a career option.
Career and Job Prospects
Although competition might be faced for securing good jobs in computer hardware engineering due to increase in the quantity of degrees granted in this field and slow growth of employment, skilled professionals will have good employment opportunities. Due to immense foreign competitors, computer hardware manufacturer will not be able to fully benefit from the advances in use of information technology. It is also expected that the IT industry will face a high level of productivity growth which will have an effect on computer hardware engineers. Also, this industry is expected to continue to experience very high levels of productivity growth, which will even affect computer hardware engineers.

Pay scale:

On a salary survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers a computer hardware engineer with a bachelor’s degree receives a starting salary of $51,343 a year on an average while master’s degree candidates receives around $64,200.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Career in Agricultural Engineering


Agricultural engineering is an engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural production and processing. Agricultural engineering deals the activities which are related to agriculture and horticulture activities, like manufacturing of agricultural products, biogas technology, new technological inventions, improving farm structure, agriculture and horticulture for smooth functioning and efficient increase of food productivity, improvement in agriculture farm machinery, rural electrification, and conservation of soil and water are the tasks of an Agricultural Engineer.

The Field

Agricultural engineers apply knowledge of engineering technology and biological science to agriculture. They design agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural structures. They develop ways to conserve soil and water to improve the processing of agricultural products.

Why this subject

Agricultural Engineering is a fairly known subject; its effect is being felt worldwide increasingly.
Agricultural engineers manage living things and life-giving resources. Agriculture plays a vital role to maintain our environmental Greens. Agricultural engineering addresses the interaction between man-made elements and the earth's living things, this subject makes the complete study to understand how to develop the agriculture and horticulture process of life sustaining resources like soil, water, plants, animals this subject is made of pure ideal of those students who wants to make career in this field. Almost every university has this subject in their academic course.


Prospective agricultural engineers should be proficient in Mathematics and Physical Science since the application of these is important to all engineers. They must also work well with people, be creative, have an analytical mind and a capacity for detailing. The ability to speak more than one language is an advantage. They should have a keen interest in agricultural activities and recognize a challenge to improve agricultural production by means of better engineering methods and equipment.

Job Opportunities

Demand for agricultural engineers is supposed to multiply almost as quickly as the demand for all other occupation. The increasing demand for agro-products, the efforts toward attaining greater efficiency in the agricultural industry and the emphasis of conservation of scare resources would result in higher job opportunities in this sector. Also, additional jobs will be created by agricultural engineers who leave the profession due to retirement and transfers.

Pay Scale

The median earnings of agricultural engineering professional is $50,700 annually, salary survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers projected that agricultural engineers with a bachelor’s degree receive salaries averaging $42,987 annually and those with a master’s degree receive $54,000 on an average.So, to discuss and for further information you can log at or you can connect with us through social media.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Career in Biomedical science

About the Subject

Biomedical Science has now one of the premiere subjects as an academic degree. It generally has its own discipline to all other engineering fields. Biomedical engineering applications include the development of bio-compatible prostheses, various diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices ranging from clinical equipment to micro-implants solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and therapy. Over many universities in US are now familiar to these subjects and student showing much interest for their career outlook.

Educational Requirements:

All biomedical engineers have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering. Many have advanced graduate degrees as well. Courses of study include a sound background in mechanical, chemical, or industrial engineering, and specialized biomedical training. The biomedical scientist requires an understanding of medical biochemistry, microbiology, clinical and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, cell and molecular biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology and/or cytology. They must also be discreet, well-organized, meticulous and able to communicate their findings to medics delivering treatment.

Employment opportunities in Biomedical Engineers:

There is a growing need for engineers trained in the biomedical sciences. Biomedical engineers are employed in industry, in hospitals, in research facilities of educational and medical institutions, in teaching, and in government regulatory agencies. They often serve a coordinating or interfacing function, using their background in both the engineering and medical fields. In industry, they may create designs where an in-depth understanding of living systems and of technology is essential. They may be involved in performance testing of new or proposed products. Government positions often involve product testing and safety, as well as establishing safety standards for devices.

Pay scale

Biomedical Engineers get pay on average about $37, 877-$93,393 (approx).
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Civil Engineering as subject

Civil Engineering is a technology which deals with structural design, construction, and maintenance of outdoor structural design. Civil engineering is mainly concerned with structural environment like bridges, roads, canal, dams, large building, transportation, power generation, and numerous other facilities that affect the life of human beings. Civil engineering is considered as the first discipline of the various branches of engineering after military engineering, and includes the designing, planning, construction, and maintenance of the infrastructure.

About this
Civil engineering is a multiple science encompassing numerous sub-disciplines that are closely linked with each other. The various sub-disciplines of civil engineering are Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering and some of the other disciplines included in civil engineering are coastal engineering, construction engineering, earthquake engineering, materials science,
transportation engineering, and surveying. It is the civil engineering that has enabled the development of some of the monstrous structures of the world be it Taj Mahal, Eifel tower, White House, Twin Towers in Malaysia,etc.

The Main Role of Civil Engineer

The duty of the civil engineer is to develop various structures for private or public use. There are various fields that a candidate who is interested in taking civil engineering as his career, can opt for. When making a career choice always give top most priority to your interests and strengths and less to the jobs available in the market. Civil engineering is also one of the best choices you want to work independently by opening a firm. Here are various fields in civil engineering, which you can consider while planning a career in civil engineering.
1) Consulting Engineer: You can become a private consultant engineer or join some company as the consulting engineer. The main job of the consulting engineer is to design the buildings, bridges, air ports etc. and consultation to the contractors who will actually carry out construction activities.
2) Construction engineer: You can do the construction as the private contractor or as an engineer in the company. Your job will be to plan and supervise various construction activities like making the bridges, buildings, shopping complex, theaters etc. Here you will handle a team of workers who will construct the walls, do structural works, plumbing, painting etc. The construction engineer works under the guidance of and the drawings provided by the consulting engineer.
3) Structural engineer: The structural engineer designs various concrete structures like roof of the building, the structures for the bridges, flyovers, air ports, power plants etc. The contractor cannot do the construction of structures without the approval of qualified structural engineer. To have a post graduate one needs to havea bachelor’s degree.
4) Surveying: Before starting any work in civil engineering project, surveying is carried out to study the feasibility of the project. The surveying is also carried out to study the complete layout of the land where construction activity is proposed. There are certain companies and independent engineers exclusively involved into the surveying activities though in many cases, the consultant engineers and firms also carry out these activities.
5) CAD Expert: This is one of the hottest careers in civil engineering. As the CAD expert you can create various building designs and drawings using CAD software like AutoCAD, CATIA, Ansys etc.

Pay scale
Normally civil engineers have different salary range starting from $55,845 to $107,345 depending upon the years of their years of experience.So, to discuss for further information you can log at or you can register yourselves in for connecting with our advisor.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Career in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering basically deals with Chemistry and all other chemical related issues. Normally it is the package of engineering which mainly signify with the design, construction and operation of machines and plants which stand in the path of chemical reactions.

About the subjects

In today’s industrial world there is huge range of chemical plants and so there is equally great demand for Engineers. In this field students have depth knowledge of the subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math’s. Chemical engineering covers various fields of chemical technology in mineral based industries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, petroleum refining plants etc. So the chemical engineers are known as high quality engineers and specifically they are responsible for running an industry. In U.S. maximum universities have this subject as academic career field. Students who are well versed in science stream and also have interest in chemical products can choose this subject as for their academic degree course.
This subject can be learnt both online as well as campus facilities.

Job opportunities and career option

Job prospectus and career options of a chemical engineer are varied and different. It plays a key role in chemical plant industries. Their work area varies from petroleum & petrochemicals to food, materials, specialty chemicals, plastics, power production, environmental control, waste management and biotechnology and many others field. They also have job facilities in government sectors in various fields such as water treatment, environmental regulations and recycling, in energy sectors such as energy conservation and research on alternate energy sources and health-related research projects, defense establishments and atomic power plants etc.

Pay scale

Normally chemical engineers have different salaries range in different working sector and they get paid by their skill and experience. But on an average they get salaries about $58,909 - $85,780 (approx) p.m. So, if you want to furnish your career as a chemical engineer or want more details about this subject then you have to log on or you can have chat with course advisor directly or can register themselves to our directly through and stay with us at our social media.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mechanical Engineering as a subject


Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of materials and science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. In this engineering field helps to learn how to renovate or make maintenance of such machine and tools.

About the subject

Today in this industrial world mechanical engineering took major parts in their field one mechanical engineer is require for maintaining of tools and machinery in the relevant industry, the subject specially helps for design, development, construction, production, installation, operation and maintenance; today in U.S. every industrial sectors massive machinery productive tools are being used and moreorless they are require to maintain and repair, and for that one mechanical engineer has vital role to play this. Almost each and every university have this as an academic career subject. Maximum student are now preferring this subject as their career outlook and choosing this subject for their interested field, this course can be studied in campus as well as online basis.

Career / Job prospects

There is no need to describe the career and job opportunities for a mechanical engineers those who have this degree they easily can get job in big industry as post for mechanical engineer. One can get a job in relevant fields of engineering such as automotive engineering jobs, industrial engineering jobs and design engineering jobs and many more industry


A Mechanical Engineer can paid in different category and their pay scale is different for specific field their pay scale is also depend on their experience and skill. But normally one mechanical engineer get paid on average salary is $ 42,162-$ 87,360 (approx).For more information about this subject you can log on at or can register themselves to our directly through and stay with us at our social media.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Career in Electric Engeneering

Electrical engineering is professional engineering who deals with the study and/or application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Electrical engineering covers huge range of their demanding field such as power,optoelectronic, digital electronics, analog electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, control systems, electronics, signal processing and telecommunications. Etc
Why this Course ?
Today we are all leading sophisticated life by preserving everything what we need for our life among them electricity is one of the major and vital requirement. This subject generally considers how to be more effective and skill full in electrical field. We all know about the importance of electricity so without any vast discussion we can only say that
eloectricity is one of the major part of our everyday life.In U.S. among each and every college & university has this academic degree course student who has much more tendency in
electric or electronics they can make their career as an electrical engineer. In this subject they can learn more about electronics and their maintenance, utilization, measurement, frequency, & much more. Students can do this subject in Campus as well as online.

Career / Job opportunities
For an electrical engineer, the career options are enormous. He or she can apply for a job in electronics, artificial
intelligence, signal processing or telecommunications, control systems or power sector. Etc. Also they can establish
themselves as an individual set up by starting their own business; also they have an opportunity to get jobs in
Government sector.

Pay scale
Pay scale/salary depends on the job category for every employer they get pay by their individual sector, but on an average an electrical engineer’s pay scale is $55,752 - $79,516 (p.m)
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel and Tourism Management

Today the Travel and Tourism industry is recognized as the largest industry in growing . Travel and tourism have got much importance to develop their guiding career and now gradually this field is becoming more demanding and prestigious. From this subject students can learn about the wider ethical, social and cultural dimensions of different countries.

About course
The subject teaches how to be more creative and how to apply their knowledge in traveling field. The course incorporates travel industry principles, hands-on training and the general business skills required in the management of travel tourism. He or she can do this subject as online as well as campus.

Job opportunities
The travel and tourism industry is vast and varied. There are many different sectors providing services to all kinds of customers. But normally a travel and tourism certificate holder gets job in certain sectors such as : tour guide, retail manager, hotel manager, tourism information center manager, conference administrator and many others.

Pay scale
Pay scale vary as per their post and their experience but the basic pay on an average is $48,000 (p.m.) approx.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Engineering as subject

Particularly the word engineering is wrap around with science and it is practical application for science and math’s to solve the problem. Today in this technological and modern life engineering makes life easy. Apparently Engineer’s make things work more creatively, efficiently, and less expensively.

About courses
Engineering course is very high and demandable course for every student. In this category student can enter the world of science and technology. In U.S. one engineering degree holder gets awesome welcome. Many student are choosing this subject as their career . Over more than 400 universities has this subject as an academic degree course. Mainly engineering has different categories such as Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, and Chemical engineering , Computer hardware engineering, Aerospace engineers, Agriculture engineers, Biomedical engineers, Environmental engineers, and many more by this categories student can have their degree in any of them in their selected field. There is an opportunity for online as well as campus facility for study.

Job opportunities
There is no explanation needed for getting jobs prospects in the field of engineering. A student who holds the degree for engineering has widest and matured scope for getting jobs . They can get jobs different government and non-government organization, and other small and big Technological hubs.

Pay scale
Depending on in which field they are working there are different pay scale for every engineering. It is difficult to discuss the particular pay scale for engineer but on an average $30K, $30K-$50K, $50K-$80K, $80K-$100K, or more than $100K.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Career in Automative/Automobile Engineering

Automobile or automotive engineering basically deals with how to manufacture and design automobile parts of buses, trucks, scooter, bike, car etc. Subject denotes how to design and develop perfect vehicles from beginning to end. After launching one vehicle the main job for automobile engineer is to check for its maintenance and improve their productivity for the customer.

About the Course
Every day new design and upgrade version of vehicles are launched in the market the whole credits go to all automobile engineers. It is for them we get to use these sophisticated innovative products. Automobile engineering is in great demand in U.S. as well as each and every corner of the world. Students who take up this subject/field, they are rewarded high acknowledgement in the field of Auto engineering.
As a Career
In U.S. Almost each and every university has this subject. Automobile Engineering uses the features of different elements of Engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. Students who are very much interested in vehicles or wants make their career as engineers in this filed they choose this subject as an academic degree. So there is no doubt that the Automotive Engineering is one of the most challenging careers in the field of engineering
Job Opportunities
This industry is growing rapidly so the expectations of job opportunities are becoming high. Students those who have a degree with automotive engineer can get job in many small or big companies as a engineer in specific division. One can also start a self-employment by running their own business. Ultimately there is a huge option for technically minded Automobile Engineers.

Pay scale
An automotive engineer gets his remuneration by their experience and mode of work, but generally automotive engineer get average pay $52,690 - $86,003 approx (p.a.)
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Master's Degree

Master's degree is a qualification of advanced study beyond the undergraduate degree. By doing this one can enhance their existing skills. Masters degree is compartively more linient and practical in nature. The Master's degree appeals to one who plans on continuing and deepening his studies after the undergraduate degree, to one who wishes to expand his knowledge in other areas, and to whomever desires to become a professional and apply the ideas acquired in the degree courses.

For those who work fulltime after their undergraduate degree and couldnt further their education, doing Masters Online is a solution.By doing this they can get a Masters without quitting their jobs or existing engagements and at the same time take their career to next step.

To move towards your ambition of having a Masters degree online, it is important to to consider the following factors.

Before applying an online degree in Masters, get the clear idea on the criteria for online Masters degree program. It varies between different educational institutions.It is advisable to keep higher number of credit hours. Some Masters require that you satisfy this requirement of credit hours and the specification on the course to be done.

There are a lot of endeavor required to successfully complete the Masters. As in regular colleges, teachers cannot keep an eye on your daily routines and development of studies. Hence you should make yourself inspired to complete the course.